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Welcome to S.C.A. Fortis, the Student Crosstraining Association of Tilburg!

Crosstraining combines strength, gymnastics, and endurance training. Essentially, it is about getting fit in the broadest sense of the word. Our classes are accessible to all fitness-levels, and the best part is: not a single class is the same! From Olympic weightlifting to getting your first kipping-pull up: you will always be challenged on your own level, surrounded by the most supportive group of fellow students!

Next to training, we host a lot of activities throughout the year. From taking a new years dive in Piushaven, cantusses in a riding wagon, jumping our hearts out at jump square, having drinks at our safe haven Café Polly Maggoo, or having good conversations during the yearly cycling dinner: S.C.A. Fortis is open for everyone! Every activity and class is in English, which makes Fortis perfectly accessible for international students in Tilburg.

Are you interested in joining S.C.A. Fortis? Come join one of our trainings! If you have a TiU Sports Center membership, you can sign up for a training for free! We’ll prove to you that S.C.A. Fortis is the best place to make life-long friendships while getting fit at the same time!