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You will not become a better athlete without a good trainer! Due to the technical aspects that are incorporated in our workouts, well-equipped trainers are a must-have. Our trainers are not only fanatic athletes themselves, but also provide classes in official affiliates.

Bart Schuurkes

Besides being one of our trainers, Bart is also one of the founders of S.C.A. Fortis. His interest in our sport started in 2014 and it has grown into one of his biggest hobbies. He likes to educate himself about health and training principles to benefit his own training and also to make the best possible program for our classes.

Nick Weerts

Next to being an experienced trainer, Nick also one of our founders. He started training in 2015 and he has been a fanatic sporter ever since. Together with his sports buddy, experienced coach Bart, he forms the beatable “Team Soy and Whole Milk” at some matches. He also loves to do other sports like running and swimming. His main goal as a trainer is to make the Crosstraining lessons accessible to anyone, while all participants should find enough challenge.

Mieke Beerens