Upcoming Events

@ Polly Maggoo
After all previous events have been cancelled due to COVID-19, it is finally time to meet again! We’ll be meeting at Polly Maggoo for some drinks.

Past Events

Online General Member Assembly

Games Night and Drinks
@ Polly Maggoo
Take your competitive edge outside the box. We’ll start around 20.00 with some (board) games and will finish the evening at Polly again.

Cycling Dinner
Get to know your fellow crossfitters better by having dinner at different houses! The first course starts at 19:00 and come together at 22.30 at Polly’s for some drinks. Sign up here.

Ohana Throwdown
@ Breda
Curious to see what a Crossfit competition entails? Nick and coaches Anne-May and Bart will be competing at the Ohana Throwdown in Breda. If you want to cheer them on, come join us! Who knows, maybe it will be you standing there next year.

First Drinks
@ Cafe Bolle
We’ll be having the first drinks of the year! Come join us and take your friends with you