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FORTIS Throwdown 2022!


The 19th of November 2022 S.C.A. Fortis will host the first ever Fortis Throwdown – Buddy Edition. The event will take place @Crossfit Dwars in Tilburg from 14:00 till 17:00. The competition features 2 divisions: A and B. The outcome of the qualifier divides the participating teams among A and B.

Check the live scores here.

Check the detailed time table here.


The event is hosted at Crossfit Dwars. The address is: Lovense Kanaaldijk 47, Hal 5, Tilburg. This gym has enough space to compete with 8 teams simultaneously and for your fans to cheer you on!


All participants must complete the free Qualifier, which consists of only 1 WOD of 2 parts. Based on this Qualifier the teams are distributed across Divisions A and B. You can expect Kipping Pull Ups and moderate weights in Division A, while Division B is accessible to all levels. The Qualifier is only used to divide you in 2 groups, not to drop anyone.


Each team can consist of any gender composition: FF, FM and MM and all teams compete directly against each other within 1 Division. Participants can expect 50% heavier weights for Males than Females.


Participants can register in pairs as a Buddy team (FF/FM/MM) and individually. When registering individually, you will be paired up after the Qualifier with a buddy of the same level. When registering as a buddy team, try to find someone of the same level so you will end up in a Division that suits you both. The costs are 20 euro per person.


If you are interested in joining this event as a volunteer, then use the registration link to sign-up! All volunteers, judges and crew, receive a unique Fortis Throwdown T-shirt to wear during the Throwdown and the rest of the year. We need more judges than crew, so please consider judging.


24/9/22 Opening Registration

22/10/22 Release Qualifier

5/11/22 Deadline Qualifier and Closure Registration

19/11/22 Fortis Throwdown

Register here!

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